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Case History 7

sand vertical elevator

Case History 7


Queensland, Australia

Casing Diameter: 2.5 inches
Elevation: 18 feet
Rate per hour: 1 tons
Material: Sand


The invention of the Olds elevator

A small foundry in Queensland Australia purchased a new sand mixing machine in 2002 to automate the process of blending binders into foundry sand used in molds. The mixer required sand to be elevated 18 feet to feed its hopper.

Not comfortable with conventional methods of elevating sand (bucket elevator, pneumatic conveyor, and inclined screw conveyor) the owner, Peter Olds, set out to design and build an elevator of his own design. The result was the invention of the Olds Static Screw Elevator.

Since being put into service in 2003 it has required only one repair; the lower 15 inches of the screw was replaced after 8 years.

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