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Olds vs. Volumetric Feeders

Olds vs. Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric screw feeders are a commonly used method of metering bulk materials into a process with reasonable accuracy. They utilize an auger, oriented in the horizontal position, driven by a motor with a variable speed drive to feed material at a controlled rate. In order for the auger flights to remain full the feeder is fed by gravity from a hopper mounted above the auger. This hopper must be filled by another means, often a bucket elevator. Typical accuracy rates of 2-5% error at 2 Sigma are realized with volumetric screw feeders.

An OLDS ELEVATOR™ can perform the same functions as a volumetric screw feeder while eliminating the need to elevate material to fill the feed hopper. The OLDS ELEVATOR™ simply takes the material from floor level, elevates and meters it directly into the process. One OLDS ELEVATOR™ does the job of two pieces of conventional equipment. And the accuracy of the OLDS ELEVATOR™ meets or exceeds that of conventional volumetric screw feeders. Typical accuracy rates of 1-3% error, at 2 Sigma are realized with OLDS ELEVATORS™.

Comparison of OLDS ELEVATOR™ and Volumetric Feeder Capabilities

Capabilities OLDS ELEVATOR™ Volumetric Feeder
Convey Product at 90° Elevation
Convey Product at 45° Elevation
Convey Product at 0° Elevation
Volumetric Flow Control
Gentle Handling
Dust Minimization
Explosion Risk Reduction
Footprint Minimization
Low Maintenance
Product Feed at Lowest Level
Quiet Operation
Variable Flow Rate
Minimize Product Segregation
Non-Pulsating Discharge
Multiple Discharges Possible (without valves)
Mobile Option

Safer, Simpler, Superior

With one moving part, lower operating costs, and virtually no risk for dust explosions, the Olds Elevator is an ideal solution for elevating virtually any material.

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