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Standard Configurations

Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor Standard Configurations

Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor Standard Configurations

Each OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor is built to the customer's requirements. Components can be constructed from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, to suit the application.

The product intake can be located anywhere on the circumference of the cylinder, and as low as floor level (or below).

While the standard configuration is vertical, units can be configured in any inclined position between 45° and 90°.

Different materials move through the OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor within a range of efficiencies. The tables below illustrate the predicted flow rate range, at various casing rotational speeds, for a common powder (synthetic gypsum), a common granular material (sand) and a common particulate (wood pellets).

Standard Configurations

Casing Diameter
RPM Casing
Synthetic Gypsum
Flow Rate
(CFH) 71 lb/cu/ft
Sand Flow Rate
(CFH) 100 lb/cu/ft
Wood Pellets
Flow Rate
(CFH) 38 lb/cu/ft
3 0-180 0-25 0-30 0-45
4 0-160 0-60 0-75 0-110
6 0-140 0-200 0-245 0-365
8 0-120 0-405 0-500 0-750
10 0-100 0-725 0-885 0-1,350
12 0-80 0-820 0-995 0-1,515
14 0-60 0-1,050 0-1,300 0-1,900
16 0-40 0-1,110 0-1,380 0-2,000

Volumetric Feeder

OLDS ELEVATORS™ equipped with variable speed motors and controllers can be used as volumetric feeders. Flow rates can be precisely controlled from 0 to the maximum flow rate of the elevator. Eliminate overhead storage hoppers. Save valuable floor space. Use the OLDS ELEVATOR™ as a combination elevator / volumetric feeder.

Depending on the bulk material properties (flowability, uniform bulk density, etc.) the accuracy of the OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor as a volumetric feeder has been documented with a repeatability error from 0.83% @ 2 Sigma at 70 RPM to 2.30% @ 2 Sigma at 295 RPM with sulphur pastilles. Most materials exhibit volumetric flow rate accuracies in the 2% - 5% range.

Manufactured under the following patents:

New Zealand

2004207019, 200903120

Other patents pending worldwide

Safer, Simpler, Superior

With one moving part, lower operating costs, and virtually no risk for dust explosions, the Olds Elevator is an ideal solution for elevating virtually any material.

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