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Bulk Material Elevator Video Library

To gain a better understanding of the Olds Elevator™ system and the way it can drastically improve vertical bulk material handling for a wide variety of materials and industries, please browse our video library below.

Foundry Sand

The Olds Elevator System has proved invaluable as a dust-free material conveyor for the sand used by foundries around the world. With its small footprint, and the ability to easily scale the system to meet any production requirement -- the Olds Elevator is an ideal solution for foundries hoping to enhance efficiency while minimizing dust.


Alumina (aluminum oxide) is used for many industrial purposes. In a granular form it is used as an abrasive ingredient in Sandpaper, Grinding Wheels, Grit Blasting and other tools. Conveying granular alumina by conventional means causes excessive wear and tear on equipment. Olds elevators are proven to convey granular alumina vertically with minimal wear while containing the escape of fugitive dust.

Bird Seed

While the Olds Elevator System is a game-changing resource for fine materials like sand and alumina oxide, agricultural businesses have discovered that it is also incredible for elevating materials such as seed and whole corn, while still providing fast, effective, and dust-free material conveyance.

Plastic Beads

Seen on a larger scale, this is a demonstration of the Olds Elevator System elevating plastic beads for a plastic manufacturing plant. In this application, the Olds Elevator quickly and cleanly elevates the material while occupying a very small footprint and creating very little waste operating at a variable flow rate.

Soap Powder

The Olds elevator is gentle with temperature-sensitive materials like soap powder. The operating principle of the Olds elevator introduces minimal heat to the material being conveyed.