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Vertical Elevation

Vertical Elevation

OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Elevation

Olds elevators are ideally suited to elevate a broad range of bulk granular and powdered materials vertically. Even dense, abrasive materials are easily elevated by Olds elevators. Olds elevators are mechanical, there are no pneumatics involved. Olds elevators employ a Static Screw and a Rotating Casing with intake scoops attached. The lower end of the rotating casing is situated in a feed hopper. As the casing rotates the intake scoops gather material from the bottom of the feed hopper and feed it into the casing.

Continuous Elevating Conveyance

Contact friction between the material and the inner wall of the casing causes the material to rotate inside the casing where it encounters the static screw. The rotating casing gently urges the material up the face of the screw and the screw and casing become completely filled with material leaving no room for dust to form. The elevator requires no minimum speed to elevate material. There is no fall back of material in the annular gap between the screw and the casing that is common with conventional screw elevators. Since the elevator operates in fully-flooded mode and will operate at any speed above 0 rpm, the Olds elevator makes an ideal volumetric feeder in addition to an elevator.

Another feature unique to the Olds technology is using the elevator for high temperature applications. Another feature unique to the Olds technology is elevating dense abrasive materials with temperatures in excess of 1200° F.

Custom Vertical Conveyance Value

  • 90° Elevation
  • Volumetric Feeder
  • Dust Minimization
  • High Temperature
  • One small footprint.

“That's Value!”

Added Value for Your Vertical Bucket Elevator Maintenance Engineers

Olds elevators have only 1 moving part in contact with the material being conveyed: the rotating casing with attached intake scoops. All bearings are external to the product zone. Many current vertical elevation needs are met with Bucket Elevators. Bucket elevators are simple, inexpensive mechanical elevators that are ubiquitous in the bulk material handling industry. They can also be maintenance-intensive. Bucket elevators have many moving parts, most of which are in the product contact zone of the elevator. They also are known for generating significant dust clouds within their housings, often potentially explosive dust clouds waiting only for a spark to ignite. Olds elevators inherently eliminate the risk of dust explosions by their operating principle. Please compare the features of Olds elevators to Bucket elevators below.

Comparison of OLDS ELEVATOR™ and Bucket Elevator Capabilities

Capabilities OLDS ELEVATOR™ Bucket Elevator
Convey Product at 90° Elevation
Convey Product at 45° Elevation
Convey Product at 0° Elevation
Volumetric Flow Control
Gentle Handling
Dust Minimization
Explosion Risk Reduction
Footprint Minimization
Low Maintenance
Product Feed at Lowest Level
Quiet Operation
Variable Flow Rate
Minimize Product Segregation
Non-Pulsating Discharge
Multiple Discharges Possible (without valves)
High Temperature Operation

Safer, Simpler, Superior

With one moving part, lower operating costs, and virtually no risk for dust explosions, the Olds Elevator is an ideal solution for elevating virtually any material.

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