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High Temperature Materials Elevation

High Temperature Materials Elevation

High Temperature Materials Elevation

The unique design of the Olds elevator allows it to handle high temperature materials without mechanical interference of moving parts due to thermal expansion. With only one moving part (lift tube) in contact with the material being conveyed this job is made easier. Depending on the temperature of the application and the height of the elevator, the lift tube may grow up to 6 inches in length due to thermal expansion when conveying hot materials. It is the same with the static screw. Since the lift tube is attached at the top of the elevator and the screw at the bottom these two expanding parts are allowed to grow down or up within the elevator frame. The tolerances between the tube and screw are generous enough such that horizontal expansion can be readily accounted for too.

Two emerging industries are already benefitting from the Olds elevators’ ability to handle dense, abrasive particulate materials at high temperature:

  • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
  • Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass

Each of these technologies utilize the transfer of heat without oxygen (or with minimal oxygen) to achieve their intended result. In both cases the “heat carriers” or “heat transfer fluids” can be in the form of a solid particulate like Sand, Ceramic Beads or Steel Shot. The Olds elevator is a proven technology for elevating all three of these materials and is now proving it can do the same at temperatures in excess of 1,200°F (650°C).

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