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Performance Features

Performance Features

OLDS ELEVATOR™ Performance Features

Almost like magic, your material or product enters the OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor and seconds later exits the top clean and intact - without generating dust, without noisy buckets or compressors! You can elevate granular material, spherical particles, as well as many powders. It is particularly well suited to handle dense and abrasive materials.

There are no bearings in the product zone, so your material is protected from machine grease and contamination. The OLDS ELEVATOR™ utilizes a rotating casing around a fixed screw. Intake scoops at the bottom of the casing feed material into the elevator where it quietly, and gently, climbs the static screw, and that's just the start, because the OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Conveyor brings process and economic benefits never before seen in the bulk materials handling equipment market.

Use as a Combination Elevator / Volumetric Feeder

The OLDS ELEVATOR™ discharges a smooth, steady flow of product at any speed. Whether the flow rate is 5 lbs. per minute or 500 lbs. per minute the OLDS ELEVATOR™ delivers at a constant rate, without the pulsating discharge common to bucket elevators and screw feeders. Variable speed motors and controllers allow the OLDS ELEVATOR™ to serve as an ideal volumetric feeder. Feed rate accuracy can be controlled to within 1% - 3% for most materials. The RPM of the casing dictates the flow rate of the elevator. Eliminate overhead storage hoppers and volumetric screw feeders. Let the OLDS ELEVATOR™ feed your process.

Cost Savings Hit Your Bottom Line

The OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor can save you 25 to 50% or even more in life cycle costs.

It's energy efficient. It requires no complicated feed system. Space utilization is more cost-effective, because it takes less than 10 sq. ft. of floor space. Maintenance costs are a fraction of those associated with conventional elevators, even with dense, abrasive materials.

Safer, Simpler, Superior

With one moving part, lower operating costs, and virtually no risk for dust explosions, the Olds Elevator is an ideal solution for elevating virtually any material.

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