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Materials Handled

Compatability - Materials Handled

Compatability - Materials Handled

A wide range of grain sizes and a wide range of bulk densities have been successfully elevated by the OLDS ELEVATOR™ Vertical Bulk Material Conveyor.

If a product is not listed here, it's because it has yet to be tested. We will continually update this list as additional products are tested.

Materials Handled

Dry Material Loose Bulk Density
(lbs/cu ft)
Copper Chop 280-330
Steel Shot 230-270
Manganese Powder 200-250
Sand, foundry 90-100
Sand, coarse 90-100
Gypsum powder 76
Synthetic gypsum 71
Sulphur pastilles 67
Soap powder 61
Titanium Chips 60
Calcium carbonate 55
Sugar, refined granulated 50-55
Coal, fines 50
Fertilizer, granules 50
Soybeans, whole 45-50
Rice, hulled 45-49
Navy beans, dry 48
Boiler Ash (bottom) 47
Chocolate chips 46
Wheat 45-48
Pinto beans, dry 45
Corn, seed 45
Fertilizer, pelletized 45
Black-eyed peas, dry 42-45
Maltitol (sweetener) 42
Wood Pellets 38
Macadamia shells, broken 35-40
Animal feed, pellets 35-40
Flour, wheat 33-40
Lime, hydrated pulverized 32-40
Timothy seed, dry 36
Guar Powder 29
Dog Food, dry 28
Shredded Car Tires 26
Macadamia nuts, whole in shell 25-30
Coffee beans, roasted 20-30
Bread crumbs 20-25
Peanuts, shelled 15-20
Plastic (PET) Scrap 15-18
Coffee, freeze-dried granules 19

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High Temperature Materials

  • Olds Elevators™ are also able to accommodate High Temperature materials for applications such as:

  • Concentrating Solar Power

  • Biomass to Energy

  • and more!

Manufactured under the following patents:

New Zealand

2004207019, 200903120

Other patents pending worldwide

Safer, Faster, More Effective

For material elevation that minimizes fire risk and maximizes performance, we developed the Olds Elevator.

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