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Dense Abrasives

Dense Abrasives

Bulk Material Handling for Dense Abrasive Materials

Olds elevators are ideal for elevating dense, abrasive materials like Sand, Aluminum Oxide, Tungsten Ore and Steel Shot without experiencing excessive wear. The operating principle of the Olds elevator ensures that the maximum force of material wearing on the static screw surface is no greater than the weight of the material contained within a single pitch of the screw.

For example: Sand has a bulk density of 100 lb./ cubic foot. 1 cubic inch of sand weighs 0.0578 lb. In an Olds elevator with a 6 inch screw the weight of sand per square inch on the screw surface is 6 x 0.0578 lb = 0.347 PSI. As the Olds elevator casing rotates, the friction of the inner wall of the casing urges the particles to slide up the face of the screw at speeds below 3 miles per hour.

The Olds Elevator Difference

When it comes to vertically conveying dense abrasive materials, the Olds Elevator system far outshines pneumatic systems and bucket elevators. In addition to reducing the risk of a dust explosion and improving productivity, every Olds Elevator is a solution that rarely requires cleaning or upkeep.

Try to wear away a piece of steel with sandpaper when applying 0.347 PSI at a speed of 3 mph and you’ll see why Olds Elevator screws last for years, even while conveying the most abrasive bulk materials.

Safer, Simpler, Superior

With one moving part, lower operating costs, and virtually no risk for dust explosions, the Olds Elevator is an ideal solution for elevating virtually any material.

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