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Case History 4

sugar vertical elevator

Case History 4

Sugar Refinery

Queensland, Australia

Casing Diameter: 6 inches
Elevation: 28 feet
Rate per hour: 8 tons
Material: Granulated Sugar


A leading Australian sugar refiner needed to elevate granulated sugar to a mill used to make icing (powdered) sugar. A bucket elevator used for the job had failed once too many times and they opted to replace it with an Olds elevator. Their process involved receiving granulated sugar in 1 ton bulk bags and elevating it 28 feet to the inlet of the mill.

A 6-inch diameter Olds elevator was designed and built for the application. Forklifts deliver bulk bags to a purpose-built bulk bag unloader. The feed hopper of the Olds elevator is oversized to hold 1,000 lbs of sugar. The elevator delivers the sugar vertically in fully-flooded mode whereby no dust is allowed to form during elevation. The oversized feed hopper allows the operator time to replace empty bags without having the shut off the mill. The absence of dust during elevation reduces the risk of dust explosions dramatically.

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