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Case History 3

sulfur pastilles vertical elevator


Asphalt Plant


Casing Diameter: 6 inches
Elevation: 20 feet
Rate per hour: 10 tons
Material: Sulfur Pastilles
Special Features: Volumetric Feeder/Elevator


An international oil company contacted Olds Elevator LLC with a request to elevate sulfur pastilles into an asphalt pavement mixing operation. The customer was seeking to demonstrate that sulfur could be used as a partial replacement for bitumen cement binder in road paving operations and thereby reduce the amount of bitumen used while meeting the same performance criteria.

A 20 foot tall, 6-inch diameter elevator was designed and built for the customer. The elevator was fitted with an encoder that enabled the counting of the elevator casing revolutions. The casing RPM's are monitored by the elevator's PLC and are used to calibrate the elevator as a volumetric feeder. Using a Variable Frequency Drive the elevator is used to meter sulfur into the mixer at rates ranging 3-9 metric tons per hour.

The elevator is moved from site to site on different road building projects in North America.

In the photo, the elevator is fitted with an impact weigher scale to provide gravimetric evidence of the elevator throughput for various Departments of Transportation.

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