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Case History 16

sugar vertical elevator

Case History 16


Tennessee, USA

Casing Diameter: 7 inches
Elevation: 16 feet
Rate per hour: 2 tons
Material: Granulated Sugar


A leading maker of candy needed to elevate agglomerated and powdered sugar to a mill for reprocessing. A bucket elevator was originally specified for the job of returning “overs” from a screener back to mill but the company decided to try an Olds elevator for the job. They liked the fact that Olds elevators reduce the risk of dust explosions inherently. Sugar dust is potentially very explosive. Since the plant made confections for human consumption the elevator also had to be made to “Food Grade” specifications. This meant Stainless Steel product contact parts, finely polished surfaces and wash down duty components.

A 7-inch diameter Olds elevator was designed and built for the application. It was integrated into the plants’ process equipment and has performed reliably for over 3 years with only minor maintenance required.

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