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Case History 12

crop vertical elevator

Case History 12


Queensland Australia

Casing Diameter: 6 inches and 4 inches
Elevation: 35 feet and 25 feet
Rate per hour: 15 tons and 4 tons
Material: Beans and Seeds


This crop processing plant purchased two OLDS ELEVATORS™ in 2004 to replace some old bucket elevators. When a new product bagging operation was proposed the management evaluated their equipment and manpower costs. If approved, they would need two new elevators to supply product to the new bagging lines.

They determined that OLDS ELEVATORS™ would be the most economical method to feed the bagging operation even though they were more expensive to buy than conventional elevators. Using experience gained from using their first two OLDS ELEVATORS™ the plant management determined that the new bagging operation would need less manpower to operate it if OLDS ELEVATORS™ were employed.

Two new OLDS ELEVATORS™ were installed in 2006. A 4-inch diameter by 25 foot tall unit and a 6-inch diameter by 35 foot tall unit shown being installed through an opening in the roof.

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