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The Olds Elevator Advantage

  • No Segregation
  • No Breakage
  • No Dust
  • Small Footprint
  • Minimal Maintenance Expense
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Olds Elevators Enhance Performance

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Why Olds Elevator?

For far too many vertical elevation applications, subpar conveyor solutions stand between businesses of every kind and the true productivity and efficiency they need to grow. The Olds Elevator was invented to change that.

Every day, issues as common as conveyor failure and damaged product remain a constant source of waste for virtually any kind of business that must elevate large quantities of material.

On top of this, the looming risk of a potentially catastrophic dust explosion is a reality for conventional vertical elevation systems. All of these factors encourage businesses to seek a better option for vertical material elevation.

That option is an Olds Elevator.

The Olds Elevator™ Advantage